Coaching Corner

Hey Leaders: 5 Tips to Positively Powerful Presentations

Great leadership requires great communication skills. And one of the most challenging forms of communication is presenting in public! Public ...
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How to Be a Rock Solid Leader

The en masse exodus of Baby Boomers alarms some in the business community as retirement encroaches. Varying reasons exist for ...
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Leadership Congruence: Do You Walk the Talk?

A foundational behavior in effective leadership requires demonstrating congruence between what one says and what one does. Unfortunately, many times ...
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On Leadership and The Real Happy Happy

I sing the "Happy" song (see the attached video.) I drank the Kool-Aid. I’m clapping along. Happy, happy, happy, happy……Clap ...
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On Leadership, Winning and Losing

There are many components to classical effective leadership. But today I want to discuss just a single critical part of ...
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Does Counting Coins Make You More Money?

Technological advancements just keep on coming. And all the while we tout them as “more efficient” and “better.” In many ways, ...
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On Leadership, Change and East African Wildebeest

Like a wildebeest in East Africa, successful leaders must dare to change. Great Wildebeest Migration The spectacular wildebeest migration in East Africa has ...
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Leadership Freedom Checklist – Where Are You on the Journey?

********** Never miss an issue of Linked 2 Leadership, subscribe today here! Learn, Grow & Develop Other Leaders™ ——————— Lee Ellis is ...
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6 Ways to Communicate Better With Employees

Of all the contributors to business success, the ability to effectively communicate with employees is essential. Organizations that understand the ...
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