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Recalibrate Professional Developement brings you one of the most powerful leadership training tools around. We offer the Leadership PowerLab™, a quick but effective method to turn apathy into empathy for your followers. Each session lasts for only one to four hours, but the results are guaranteed.


Assessing Paid Leadership Training

Enhancing your skills as a manager or executive is an investment, so you need a program that pays off well. Ask yourself these questions to gain a more critical understanding of past training sessions you attended and see if they were worth the money.

Have you ever purchased leadership training?

How much did you spend?

How effective was it after the first few weeks?

Can any of the other participants remember what they were taught?

Have they applied what they learned into action that gets real results?

What has been the bang-for-the-buck leadership training you joined in?

You may have gained new insights from these questions.
Now, you’re better equipped to think about future leadership training.

Issues You May Encounter in Regular Training Sessions

Many leaders today are under more pressure to perform better than before, so they grab any opportunity they can get to improve, like leadership training programs. Unfortunately, attending these sessions will certainly take many days out of their schedule.

It may also take a while for participants in daylong or multi-day training to take their mind off work and focus on the lessons and activities. This warm-up time is often called “the half-day glaze” by facilitators.


The Cellphone-Attention-Span™

After observing multi-day leadership training sessions for years, experts found that when the facilitator would turn his or her back to the audience, many participants would look down on their smartphones on their laps or under the table. They do this to check emails, texts, and more. When this first started, it was called “The Blackberry Prayer.”

The trainer’s best attempts to get information and meaning into the heads of participants often failed because of their phones or other personal or professional issues are competing for attention.

The Solution

One particular workshop provided a hands-on card sorting exercise that engaged people, grabbed and kept their attention, and subsequently became the most memorable learning element of a multi-day session. The Leadership PowerLab™ was born.

From the experiences learned in traditional multi-day training, a fast, fun, engaging, eye-opening, and life-changing mini-workshop was created. The Leadership PowerLab™ helped leaders learn even though they have the “Smartphone-Attention-Span™.”

While each Leadership PowerLab™ session lasts for as short as half a day, the highly interactive workshop engages every participant from the very beginning all the way to the end.

Smartphones and other devices come out of their hands, and a deck of personal values-sorting cards appears in exchange. What comes next is some of the most powerful training many professionals have ever experienced. This, along with the lessons, stays with them for a lifetime.


The Key to Personal and Professional Success

Through a highly engineered, multi-step personal values sorting exercise, participants from any level will engage in a process that will excite their heads, hearts, souls, and guts. They will open up on the most personal level, allowing them to learn much more about themselves and others than ever before.

A facilitator’s help will not be needed to get this high-level information into each leader’s head. This is because the Leadership PowerLab™ focuses on each participant’s favorite subject: themselves. Using this method, the training material and concepts fully absorb into each leader’s head through their own personal heart.

Other Benefits

In every Leadership PowerLab™ session, the following things also happen:

  • Participation and Engagement Is Guaranteed
  • The Playing Field Is Leveled
  • Shy People Start Talking
  • Dominant People Slow Down and Actually Listen
  • Self-Awareness Skyrockets
  • Empathy Is Self-Taught and Therefore Self-Learned
  • Humility Opens Hearts and Heads to Learning
  • People Understand Their Top Personal Motivators and Understand What Motivates Others
  • Participants Will Learn How to Make Followers Love Them
  • Some Will Cry, Others Will Rejoice, but Everyone Wins
  • Whoever Pays for This Will See Long-Term Results!

The Outcome

Everyone walks out of a Leadership PowerLab™ workshop with the blueprint for success. They can immediately use it to significantly increase their level of personal leadership effectiveness. This is guaranteed, or we’ll give your money back!


We charge $100 to $300 per person for a Leadership PowerLab™ session, and every workshop has a minimum requirement of 10 attendees. Travel and/or lodging are not included in the initial rates.

What’s So Special About Leadership PowerLabs™?

One of the best qualities of this workshop is its simplicity. Participants quickly, willingly, and naturally open their minds, hearts, and eyes to find the exact steps in becoming significantly more influential. The program is a wonderful and magical way to help leaders.


What Happens

  • A personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise captures and holds everyone’s attention.
  • Everyone reduces 54 values cards down to reveal their top values.
  • Participants get deeply involved with their favorite subject: themselves.
  • Participants immediately get engaged with the content and the experience.
  • Participants will be able to self-teach.
  • Distractions are eliminated; Interactivity is guaranteed; Everyone connects.
  • Everyone leaves with a Signature Showcase™ to display his or her Top Six Values.

Imagine the feeling of walking into a training session and not really knowing what’s about to take place. You’ve been to training before and probably have some sense of what to expect, but you’ve never heard of a “PowerLab.”

As soon as you’re seated, you find that you have to put down your smartphone or other devices. You pick up a deck of values cards to sort and prioritize your top personal values—all in front of people that you may or may not know. A feeling of nervous anticipation begins to grab your attention. Early on, you know something is different and intriguing.

In the next moments, you are totally focused because you are extremely interested in the topic at hand: you and the most important things to you. You latch on to the training and never let go. Throughout the session, you stay engaged, highly interactive, amazed, and surprised.

The real magic happens when you understand your top motivators (your top values), the top motivators of others, and how changing your approach to leadership with a values-based formula transforms your behavior. You replace apathy toward others into empathy to help you reach your common goals.

By the end of a workshop, you have a brand new perspective—one that lets you see how values-based leadership reaches your organization’s bottom line. This approach to leadership can be life-changing for managerial officers and their followers.

It’s almost magic.

Imagine the feeling of knowing that you are about to take a classroom of participants through a journey that they have never been through before.

Although you have no idea what is presently on their minds or what might be distracting them when you begin, you will shortly have their undivided attention. As the workshop starts, you will be able to gain their trust and keep their attention for the duration of the session.

You will feel in total control of what’s about to happen. No matter who they are, what they’re thinking of, or what training experiences they have in the past, they will follow your lead and stay totally engaged.

Each participant will feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with you. But, rather than doing this with one person at a time, you will be doing this simultaneously with everyone since they are discussing their personal motivations in front of others.

You will be satisfied in knowing that you will be changing lives and helping people learn, grow, and develop other leaders in a very short period. Getting participants engaged, interactive, emotionally invested, and self-motivated to change in such a short time is like having a magic wand in your hand.

It really works very quickly!

Combining Leadership the PowerLabs™ personal values-sorting/prioritization exercise with your existing content also helps keep the attention and high engagement levels of your participants. Through these, you will open up their entire being to retaining all they learned well after they leave your session.

When each participant sorts, prioritizes, and eventually reduces their 54 values cards down to their top 6, they will go through a very emotional experience that often changes them deeply. The extremely powerful process encourages them to take off their “leadership blinders” and replaces them with “leadership super-goggles.”

Participants will then take the necessary steps to see things differently because it is simply the most sensible thing to do. This helps them turn any apathy into empathy, and the results of this change will reach your organization’s bottom line.

When participants receive their personalized Signature Showcase™ that displays their top values, they will have a sense of victory, pride, and accomplishment that is rarely achieved in such a short time.

This values-based leadership training works with any other training materials or any other professional assessments you are using. Because of the simplicity of the short-format workshop, the lessons sink in quickly, efficiently, and deeply. Participants will intuitively know the exact steps to take to raise their level of personal leadership effectiveness. All these we guarantee.


Leadership Lunch & Learn

Sometimes, leaders are too busy to allot a few hours for leadership training sessions. In this case, we offer our Leadership Lunch & Learn program. Every workshop is done in a span of 30 to 60 minutes, but the results are almost the same as our Leadership PowerLabs™ sessions. Find out additional details about this option.

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