Trust in Networking

In a recent post on the MSN Career site, Eve Tahmincioglu, careers contributor, tells us to beware of social networking overload. Her warning comes as the number of sites popping up for you to connect with friends or business associates is exploding.

I am not sure if you are experiencing this onslaught of invitations, but I surely am. I noticed in early 2007 that this development was going to be an ongoing issue for me and many others. I was deep into LinkedIn at that time because I knew that it would be a powerful business tool for me. But, because of time, I remained skeptical about adding others to my plate.

“But, what are others thinking?” I asked myself. What should professionals do with all of these networking options?

The MSN Careers article offers a good piece of advice:


When it comes to professional networking, most experts say, LinkedIn is probably one site you want on your list.

“LinkedIn has carved out a strong identification within the professional, job-seeking world,” says William Madway, professor of marketing at the Villanova School of Business. “It can offer more contacts and a professional, trustworthy environment for career-related networking. So, if I were attempting to advance myself professionally or career-wise, I’d be very inclined to turn first and foremost to LinkedIn.”

This confirmed my personal suspicions about the efficacy of the LinkedIn site. I often mention that the level of trust in the site is exceptionally high. I attribute this high level of trust in LinkedIn to the exponential growth of the Linked 2 Leadership site. This L2L group has reached over 3,200 members in just its first four months with people overjoyed to invest in something trustworthy.

If people are going to select your group over others and spend time with you, then you have a responsibility to them and to their level of trust. This is why the L2L Charter is to provide a safe place to serve, grow & build other leaders.

So, if you have trusting people signing up for your group, what do you do for them?

One word answer: DeliverServeLead.

This is our goal. We appreciate your trust!




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