Values Intelligence – Online Values Sorting

Linked 2 Leadership is introducing a new online tool to help our L2L community become better leaders. It is called the Values Intelligence System.

What is the Values Intelligence System?

Essentially, this online leadership development tool uncovers baseline motivational data on which to inspire people and organizations so that people and workplaces can produce better results through better working relationships. It is a powerful new instrument used for coaching, training, team building, culture shaping and for use in organizational research and analysis. Our goal is “Linking Emotional Intelligence to Business Intelligence”.

We need beta testers!

To test the system, you will be engaging in the Values Generator, an online drag-and-drop instrument that will allow you to sort through, prioritize, and personalize your top values (motivators).

Web Assessments 2.0

This tool is new and different. Rather than appearing like any other typical HR-looking “test,” this fun and sporty-looking instrument engages people quickly and keeps their attention. It has the look and feel of a social networking site to increase usability by users who may be experiencing testing fatigue from more traditional testing instruments. It is highly honed, trimmed, and polished to fit with this generation’s “Blackberry-Attention-Span.”

Let’s go!

Click here to sign up to be a Values Intelligence Beta Tester.

Values Intelligence Collaboratory

We are building the Values Intelligence Collaboratory as an open-source training & coaching materials hub for future members to use in their professional coaching and training practices.

Click here to see the powerful training content already in use called the “Transformational Leadership Bootcamp.” We encourage the development and the exchanging of new training and coaching materials by alliance member based on the VI System. This forum will be available for sharing best practices in a collaborative environment.

Want to know more?

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