This or That Poll: I Quit My Job Because…

Think about the last job that you quit. Did you like what you were doing? Was it rewarding in multiple ways? Did it provide you with enough satisfaction?

I know that many people these days have lost their jobs because of economic reasons, but I want to ask a question to people who actually quit their job.

I am interested in why you left it. When you took that job, you were probably hopeful that it would last a long, long time so that you wouldn’t have to go through the “finding a job” hassle. But you ended up quitting it…

I know what some research data says, but I would like to know from you why you decided to leave. Did you leave that job because of the company, the job, the boss, or another reason? After voting, please feel free to comment with additional insights to help people understand your thoughts.

L2L Contributing Author