Greater Than Yourself


I enjoy reading.  A lot.  Especially books about leadership.  Every once in a while, I come across a book that is so inspiring, I feel like the book and I together can change the world!  While on vacation last week, I read such a book.  I couldn’t wait to come back to work and share it.

Typically, we may think of leadership as helping the people around us be their best; living up to their potential.  Steve Farber‘s newest release, Greater Than Yourself, reminds us that true leadership is more than that.  It is an unselfish, generous, authentic act of helping others be even greater than their leaders are.

How do we do that?  The book includes an action plan with three keys: Expand Yourself, Give Yourself and Replicate Yourself.  Each key includes clear actions that we can take to share all that we are, all the resources we have, and all the knowledge we’ve gained to build up not only employees but other people we interact with to be great; not just great, to be greater than we are.

Inspired and motivated.

There are no other words to explain what I felt after reading the book.  I encourage you to pick up a copy, too.  Imagine the potential in your organization if you help develop others to be even greater than you!

Now, it’s your turn.  What is the latest addition to your library?  How did it inspire you?

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  1. Susan Walls on March 27, 2009 at 7:29 pm

    Thanks for sharing. I too enjoy reading books on leadership and I am continually enhancing and updating my skills. I enjoy mentoring others, sharing my knowledge and helping connect people to enrich their networks. I will have to pick up Steve Farber’s Greater Than Yourself!

  2. Eleanor Biddulph on March 28, 2009 at 9:01 am

    Susan, Thank you for visiting L2L and commenting on my post. In light of your interests, I believe you, too, will be inspired by the book. Let me know after you read it! Then, make others even greater than yourself and change the world!