Positive Passion Leads To Success

Positive Passion

“Genuine leaders never pursue or expect adulation or “star” status. When they receive it, they accept it graciously and move on to the next challenge. Leadership is not about personal victory. It is about winning through teamwork and positive energy by and for every member of the team.” ~ Wayne Kehl

My book, A Passion For Leadership is about the power of positive reinforcement in the workplace and in life. I called the simple, yet complex concept of consistent and persistent positive reinforcement, Positive Passion.

In the book, I created the following anagram for the word, POSITIVE to bring greater meaning to positivity and to make it more memorable.

Here it is:

  • “P” is for Power
  • “O” is for Opportunity
  • “S” is for Sensitivity
  • “I” is for Intelligence
  • “T” is for Tolerance
  • “I” is for Interest
  • “V” is for Vision
  • “E” is for Excitement

If you live with EXCITEMENT, VISION, INTEREST, TOLERANCE, INTELLIGENCE, SENSITIVITY, and take advantage of the OPPORTUNITIES they bring, you will find the POWER that leads to SUCCESS!”

Practice Positive Passion

If you practice Positive Passion, you will have the power to accomplish anything and everything you want. Remember what I always say, “no one has ever succeeded through pure negativity.”

You cannot possibly get the things you want out of life unless you approach everything you do with a positive attitude.

I want every one of you to be successful and I want every one of you to be the best you can be. Most importantly though, I want every one of you to be happy.

Happy people are the winners in our society and they have the power to do anything they want!

Make Your Job Easier

The power of Positive Passion will make your job much easier too!

  • Imagine a workplace where everyone is happy.
  • Imagine a workplace where every task that each and every one of your employees undertakes, is done with a smile.
  • Imagine how a consistently happy employee group could impact on your sales.
  • Just imagine the comments you would receive from your customers if they met nothing but happy, cheerful employees in every area of your business.
  • Think about how easy your job would be if all of your employees came to work with a good attitude everyday and none of them ever got into a dispute.
  • Imagine what life would be like if none of your people ever talked badly about any of the others.

Grow as a Person

Positive Passion is an opportunity to grow as a person and to improve your relationships with virtually every person you come into contact with. Just think how much stress you could shed if you drove all negativity from your mind. The majority of stress we carry around with us is based in negative thoughts and negative situations.

If you can simply begin to see only the positive elements of any situation and look for ways to be positive with every person you meet, you will find that stress will become a thing of the past and you will greet every morning with a smile on your face.

When you think negative thoughts you almost always create a negative result.

If, for example, you believe that you are going to have a bad day…you will have a bad day…guaranteed! If you believe that one of your employees is going to let you down…they will surely let you down.

Good People

Have you ever noticed who the popular men and women are in any group of people?

  • They are generally the ones who have only good things to say about people, things, and situations.
  • They constantly make positive comments and find the good in everyone.
  • When someone does something good or bad, the popular people encourage them and offer them positive reinforcement.
  • If something goes well, they pat them on the back.
  • When something goes badly, they let them know that they have done their best and that they should keep trying.
  • They turn every challenge into an opportunity to reinforce the value of each human being they meet.

Nice People

Have you ever noticed which people are referred to as nice and which people are most trusted in any group of people?…I have!

  • They are those positive people who say kind, supportive things about everyone they meet.
  • They never speak badly about anyone behind their backs and they always counter negative commentary from others with a positive point of view.

The thing I find interesting about this phenomenon is that mankind cherishes and reveres positive people and yet most of us spend a huge amount of our time being negative.

Negative People

It is almost as if…

  • We choose to be negative because we think that a purely positive attitude is something we can never really achieve.
  • We seem to feel that negativity is somehow honorable and appropriate when we are not getting our own way.
  • We also seem to think negativity will somehow or other create a positive result.
  • We think that if we criticize someone, they will become better…but they won’t.
  • We think that if we complain about a problem it will go away…but it won’t.
  • We think that if we speak badly about the place we work, our boss will find out about it and suddenly go out of his make things better for us…But he or she won’t!”

“It all starts with you!”

This is your opportunity if you choose to accept it, folks! Choose to be positive…Choose to be happy and successful! Take the opportunity to be positive about every aspect of your life and you will always win.

Wayne Kehl is President and CCO at Dynamic Leadership Inc
He is author and behavioral analyst who lectures on leadership and motivation
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