Leadership Perspective: To Ride the Wave, or Lead the Wave

Chameleon Leadership

Let’s venture into a world where plans constantly change. In this place, nothing goes the way it should. Every potential obstacle becomes a reality, and almost every decision must be made in the moment.

Okay, so, maybe this world isn’t so different from the one you’re in now; however, your reaction to this chaos might be.

A New Attitude

Amidst the constant mania of this world, and in the face of every plan change or obstacle, instead of becoming upset or overwhelmed, you respond with a nonchalant attitude that exudes this mindset:

“We’ll figure it out. No big deal…”

If that reaction confuses or even mystifies you, you probably don’t have the strength theme of Adaptability in your top 5, or even top 10. However, if this makes perfect sense to you and mirrors your attitude in everyday life, you probably have Adaptability in your wheelhouse.

 Just Like the Infamous Chameleon

Being adaptable as you are, you see no issue with plan changes. You respond well to the stresses of the moment despite any interruption they may have caused. Not only do you handle unforeseen modifications adeptly, you consider them inevitable and in some cases embrace them.

Like the chameleon, you can change your colors as you wish without a second thought.

Others should not mistake your Adaptability for carelessness or a lack of planning, you most likely did plan; however, unlike someone strong in Intellection or Deliberative who does not also possess Adaptability may find difficulty going with the flow the way you do.

 Leading Without Blending In

There are obvious perks to being adaptable, and as a leader it’s important to understand how to use this strength in a sophisticated manner.

Obviously, an important mark of a leader is maintaining composure in the face of adversity you do this extremely well!

However, it’s also important that you have a clear and concise opinion, draw a line in the sand, and remain goal oriented. Since you have an inclination to go where the wind takes you, it wouldn’t be hard for team members high in Command or Belief to consider you weak or perceive that you never plan for anything.

It’s critical for people with strong presence themes like these that you aren’t too easily swayed because you can’t blend into the carpet or they will run you over.Team members with Consistency as a theme will also look to you to be fair and consistent across processes and with team members. You can leverage team members with these strengths for feedback, especially when it comes to bumps in the road for projects.

Adaptability can be one of the best attributes a leader possesses when used with sophistication because you act as a bridge among team members. Use this to your advantage and leverage your teams strengths, which can help you recognize when blending in is appropriate, and when it’s dangerous.

Adapting to Leadership

Adaptability as an employee could be exactly what got you to your leadership role, which should come as no surprise. You were willing to tackle any project, and were able to keep your head on straight when the storms came through.

As a leader, know that it’s okay to go against the grain sometimes- the flow doesn’t always get you were you need to go.

Learning to adapt to leadership may be your biggest challenge yet, but one you will surely succeed at!

As a leader with Adaptability, how do you maintain self-awareness concerning just how flexible you are? Have you ever been led by someone strong in Adaptability? What were the pros and cons? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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