The Arranger: Making the Impossible Possible

Office Juggler

The Office Juggler

How often have you longed for an extra arm to help you get everything done? Or for a few more hours in the day? And, just as you feel you’re as stressed as you can be, you see your co-worker across the hall juggling what seems to be an infinite number of parts and arranging them into several well-laid patterns.

Not only is he keeping everything up in the air, he actually seems to enjoy it.

Curious of his methods, you ask how he does it, and all he can do is give you a blank stare. From his perspective, he isn’t doing anything even remotely remarkable, just behaving as he always does. You’re probably convinced he has a third arm in there somewhere, or at least a magic genie.

What Type of Sorcery is this?

This office juggler isn’t using any magical powers; he is simply employing his Arranger strength. An Arranger has the ability to manage all the variables of a situation and piece them together to make the most effective solution possible.

Where this talent really shines is in the face of adversity.

Often times, extremely well-laid plans require adjusting in part, or in whole. It is during these times that Arrangers excel the most. Do not confuse their calm collected exterior for a strength in Adaptability; Adaptability will go with whatever decision is made, but Arranger is the one who concocts the perfect potion for the best outcome.

Their minds are constantly swimming with alignment after alignment – their willingness to change plans at any point is simply because a better option presented itself.

A Juggler with Nothing to Juggle

If you are someone strong in Arranger, you can probably attest to the fact that when an Arranger doesn’t have enough to juggle, they don’t perform to their fullest capabilities.

They are good with the big picture, so focusing on one part conflicts with their multitasking nature.

Imagine watching a juggler juggle just one ball. There’s not much to imagine there; the lack of excitement you feel at watching a juggler with nothing to juggle is magnified for the juggler. Arrangers get more done with more to do.

So, leaders, with this in mind:

  • If you are managing an Arranger, make sure they aren’t in too rigid of a routine. They excel in dynamic situations. This is an awesome skill to have on your team, especially if it’s low on your strengths’ totem-pole. They may be able to get you out of some pretty tight spots with their effective flexibility and drive to find the best recipe to reach your goals.
  • If you are the Arranger, be aware that rigid processes are just a part of life. Unfortunately, some arrangements in the workplace do not welcome change. Also, use caution when changing long-standing plans, especially at the last-minute. People on your team with Deliberative, Analytical, Intellection, and/or Consistency will have a hard time coming to the same conclusion as you quickly. Your strength will come in handy often – it’s up to you to choose your battles wisely.

If you’re a leader with Arranger, do you find it difficult to stick to one plan for long? If so, what kind of feedback do you get? If you are leading someone with Arranger and someone with Analytical, how would you coach them work together? If you’ve worked with, or are, an Arranger, do you agree that a dynamic work environment is better for productivity?


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