Leading Colorblind – The Strength of Belief


Leading people when you have “belief” as one of your top strengths makes you stand out in any environment. It is a characteristic that brings one’s core values to the surface time after time in an uncompromising way. 

And when it comes to belief, few things are more clear to people.

It’s Black or It’s White

“It’s the right thing to do.” That’s your bottom line. Come hell or high water, you will not budge from what you feel is right. Your value system is an essential part of your design.

So essential, in fact, you use it to evaluate everything; people, situations, job opportunities, etc. Those you surround yourself with often have a similar, if not identical, set of values and are more than aware of their importance to you. This code that you live by allows you to view the world in black and white.

There is no gray – it either lines up with your values, or it doesn’t. Plain and simple.

If this sounds like you, you’re displaying your Belief strength.

No Gray Means No Compromise

Having a strong Belief strength means having a set of core values that have an omnipresent bearing on your life. Though these values vary from person to person, they often lead those who possess them to have a high sense of responsibility and ethics.

This means that when push comes to shove, they know exactly where they stand, and so does everyone else.

Where other people may experience confusion, they have only clarity. There is no gray when it comes to their Belief; therefore, there is no compromise.

For this reason, people find them to be reliable and extremely trustworthy. Their Belief acts as a guide, shedding light on the darkness, allowing them to be consistent, or, in other words, dependable.

Leading and Being Lead

It is important for those strong in Belief to do work they find meaningful. It will only be meaningful if it allows them to utilize their values. This is great news for any leader with someone strong in Belief on their team. As their leader, you will have their undying support, as long as you and their work line up with their values.

Once Belief feels that you have violated their core values, it’s near impossible to get them back on your side.

As a leader you most likely have a set of values you also operate by, however, you may have a strength that Belief does not get along with. For example, if you are high in Competition, and willing the bend the rules a little bit to win, you may offend Belief depending on their values and what rule you bend. Remember, there is no gray, not even a slight shade.

Values Drive Decisions

If you are a leader with Belief, it’s important for you to understand there are different sets of values out there. Although they may be different, they aren’t inherently wrong. There are many ways to determine what your team members values. Here’s one way.

Belief should not equate to “Judge and Jury”.

This will most likely be difficult for you to keep in mind, but it’s necessary as a leader to support your team, even if they’re different. This does not mean you should disregard your values at work, in fact, that would be detrimental to your happiness and success as a leader.

Belief makes you a reliable leader with clear standards, which is great to have when you’re the boss. Just remember, some people need to operate in the gray to play to their strengths – it doesn’t make them wrong, just different. Use your value filter wisely and you’ll find an abundance of success!

As a leader, what are the advantages of being strong in Belief? Some of the pitfalls? Have you ever been lead by someone with Belief? What did you like most about their leadership style? Least? If anyone on your team has Belief, are you always clear on where they stand? Do you find them reliable and easy to trust?


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