Leading with Consistency: Justice for All


These days, nothing seems to stay the same for long. We can all remember when a “Tweet” was just the sound a bird made and Pluto was a planet.

Everything about our world seems to move rapidly and without nostalgia, leaving some of us scratching our heads in confusion.

And there is nowhere that this flurry is more frustrating than at work.

Change is The Only Constant

We are all supposed to abide by certain rules of engagement, but as things constantly change and we try to adapt, we feel as though we are grasping at straws to hold on to some semblance of sanity.

Most people try to find comfort in something:

  • A friendly face in the office
  • A reliable Monday memo
  • The quiet of the office in the early morning

Most of us are just looking for a little consistency.

Consistent Leadership

Imagine that the consistency you are craving comes in the form of a leader. Even better, it’s YOUR leader! No matter what the storm, they remain true to the idea that everything should be equal.

Everyone on your team knows the rules and better yet, the rules allow everyone the same opportunities.

Just because there is new technology rolling out you’re unfamiliar with doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be booted out for someone with “newer” knowledge. Your leader believes everyone gets a fair shot, even if they’re the underdog.

Are you curious what might motivate any leader to engage in these consistent behaviors?

Oddly enough, it’s their Consistency Strength that drives them to create justice for all.

What it Means to Be Consistent

While all of us can appreciate some consistency in our lives, those who possess it as a Strength live and breathe by it. They need standard operating procedures, and these procedures must be executed without prejudice.

Everyone should be subject to the rules, and no one should be exempt. They are more interested in group needs than individual wants and will seek to reduce variance and increase uniformity.

Have you ever met a kid that was excited about having to wear a school uniform?

If you have, it was probably only one, and it’s highly likely there is a good reason for that- their Consistency Strength.

Being a Leader of Consistency

As a leader, Consistency can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. On the BFF side, everyone on your team will have an equal opportunity for achievement. The rules will be clear, and everyone, without exception, will be expected to operate within the operating procedures you have outlined.

This will create a great amount of stability and certainty for your team.

Knowing the rules of engagement and feeling secure will allow your team to focus on their performance, rather than office politics and playing games. Your team will be one of the most drama-free ones because you won’t allow any nonsense. For you, rules trump relationships every time.

The Other Side

On the other side of that, however, lies a danger for you as a leader. Because rules are so important to you, you are willing to sacrifice not only relationships but results. While many would argue there are times and situations that call for customization, your tight view on what’s fair may filter customization out and perceive it to be “rule bending” or “cheating”.

In these situations, you will need to:

  • Step back from the situation and assess it thoroughly.
  • Use another one of your Strengths to see the situation in a different light.
    • For example, if you also have Maximizer, you should be able to wrap your mind around what will make this go from just good to great.
    • You may have to let Paula take the lead on the project and not Gina simply because Paula has contacts that are more beneficial.
      • Though your Consistency will scream at you “That’s not fair!” remember that there will be another situation where Gina is more qualified than Paula.
      • Realize that sometimes customization and elevation of an individual IS what’s best for the group

You want to create a stable team, but you also want a high performing team that delivers!

Leading the Consistent

Leading someone with consistency can also pose somewhat of a challenge, especially if you are high in Adaptability, Arranger, Strategic, Individualization, or any other Strength that lends itself to constant change and/or customization.

The best thing you can do for that employee is be as transparent and open as appropriate.

While you do not owe them an explanation for every decision you make, if they come inquiring about qualifications or the merit of a decision, be honest and direct.

And do your best to allow everyone an equal opportunity for success; that can look different depending on the people on your team, but Consistency will recognize that everyone is getting a shot, even if each opportunity is unique.

Do you have Consistency? What’s been the most difficult hurdle for you to jump as a leader? How do you handle what you perceive to be injustice in the workplace? How did you handle it when a less qualified peer was promoted? If you are leading someone with Consistency, how do you keep them engaged?


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    On point! Having spent some time at the executive level, I can identify with problematic instructions/mandates from that end of the spectrum and how it is articulated throughout the organization. Leadership is beyond getting the numbers. It’s about creating an environment with an engaged majority. Frankly speaking in our current world, the lack of consistency confuses those who are led.

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