On Inspiring Future Leaders

I have observed that work environments are distinctly different from those of a learning environments.

And the difference is leadership.

The Net Generation

I spent a few days a while back speaking to students at Lakes Region Community College. I was inspired by the interest of the “Net Generation” students in what I had to say.

One student made a valid point with this statement:

“There are many speakers who attempt to convey a message, but the audience has needs that must be met in order to retain interest. And this starts with a message that is clear and designed around the wants and needs of the audience.”

This student was pointing out the importance of having people-of-influence (speakers or leaders) understanding their audience and ensuring that their message is well-tuned to them. Unfortunately, many work environments miss this aspect of effective communication.

Work environment leaders focus on leading others without first understanding behaviors and how leadership is developed. In order to create a great work environment, one must start with obtaining and developing of great people as a foundation for success.

Understanding  Personal and Professional Leadership

Business must start by developing people with a strong understanding of personal and professional leadership.

What does this entail?

  • More one on one coaching and guiding of individuals on a regular basis; this should be natural and developmental.
  • Understanding of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and developing them based on personal needs.
  • Leadership by example; leadership is not a title, leadership is a lifestyle.

Students are taught personal leadership and responsibility, and then these students are thrown into a world where personal leadership does not exist in many organizations. Too many organizations waste time, energy, and money on development programs that are expedited, unfocused, and ineffective.

Leadership is not tangible so leadership is not easily learned or understood.

Great Leadership

Great Leadership programs consist of:

  • Developing and understanding people and how they perform based on coaching, development and praise.
  • Encouraging of follow-up and accountability amongst leadership teams and their followers.
  • Consistent refreshers on leadership styles and methods in order to develop people in an ever changing and developing culture.

I am a leader who is committed to helping to develop the “Net” generation so that the new world of business can succeed.

I tell students and will continue to urge them understand this message:

“Yesterday was a time that business was able to thrive and survive on a foundation of productivity and persistence. Tomorrow is the day that one must realize that people were foundation all along.”

“No one is going to hand you the world on a platter, you need to search for and obtain the world you desire, and then convey that message to the world.”

Emerging Leaders

This means that leaders must realize that our future depends on this new generation of people emerging into the business world and need to take action toward better development to create future growth. This emerging generation must be met with the expectation that they must reach out to others in order to succeed, but be met with a warm hand when they do.

I am committed to inspire a world I desire, are you?

  1. Is there a possibility that fear for job security is a common cause for lacking development in the field of this new generation?
  2. Do you as a leader embrace change, or do you hold on to as much as you can before change pulls you along?
  3. As a “Net” generation worker do you think you have a fighting chance if current leaders don’t accept the “new world” of business, or do you see a great depression in the near future?


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Michael R Stanford is Doctoral Learner at UOP
He does occasional motivational speaking for community colleges
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  1. Larry Walker on May 9, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Hi Michael, Liked your article a great deal and have one related comment. A long time ago, Peter Drucker, one of our best business consultants, stated: The only business of any business is the development of its people.” This lesson appears to be rapidly disappearing today.

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