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Leadership Learning Online

At times, it is easy to forget that the Internet is more than a source of cat videos and celebrity gossip. Indeed, it’s a gathering place for all of human knowledge.

To learn the most online, however, you need the right techniques, and you must know precisely where to go.

Great Leaders Don’t Stop Learning

Great leaders are ahead of the curve. Getting ahead of the curve requires out-thinking everyone and even future events.

Keeping the mind active will dramatically improve your chances of being ahead of the curve.

  • Challenging yourself to learn more is another great way to be ahead of the curve.
  • Challenging yourself in the area of learning will take your career to new levels. Mediocre leaders will naturally not challenge themselves.
  • Challenging yourself to really learn and understand everything about your specialty is what will drive you to the status of a great leader.

Learning With Video

Using your most available resources to challenge yourself is a great way to start. The internet is our greatest available resource for learning.

The amount of videos online are practically unlimited and free.

Businesses are constantly producing educational videos to promote their services. Although it may seem promotional, great companies make it very educational.

You might start with YouTube and Vimeo, both of which you can search for educational playlists. Fortunately, many colleges post classroom lessons, lectures, and even footage from field trips on their video pages.

Such clips are often dynamic and fun to watch. Further, high school and college students often share their projects on YouTube and Vimeo, letting viewers benefit from their research.

Companies that offer really insightful educational videos would be Dell, Nu Skin, Ted Talks, and Ancestry.com. These will give you examples of companies that invest in educating people with PowerPoints online.

Learning With PowerPoints Online

After taking in some enlightening videos, you might next explore a particular subject on SlideShare. Once you register with this site, you can view countless slideshows that students and academics across the globe have created. Happily, SlideShare uploaders tend to display information in short, snappy ways.

Thus, it’s comparatively easy to study complicated leadership and organizational matters there as you can digest them in small bites.

The best part about Slideshare is that it’s all educational. This might be the most educational platform online.

Online Schools and Classes

While websites like Vimeo, YouTube, and SlideShare offer excellent summaries of topics, you might wish to delve into a certain field in detail.

To do so, you could enroll in an accredited online college program. Alternately, you could create a self-study course by relying on pedagogic, comprehensive sites.

Learning with Educational Websites

Imagine that you wish to learn a new language. You can master that language’s grammar on a site like Lang-8, at which you can create compositions and have native speakers fix your errors. You can review vocabulary words, meanwhile, on a site such as Anki, which includes hundreds of flashcard sets.

In addition, you can practice your pronunciation on Verbling; as you speak, one of its experts will listen to your diction and offer suggestions. Naturally, such learning isn’t restricted to languages.

Rather, countless websites exist to help you become proficient in any field.

Career Advancement

Some sites are particularly helpful when it comes to job training. Lynda.com is a great example. For a monthly fee of less than $40, you can depend on this resource for courses in web development, graphic design, photography, computer programming, and general business topics.

What’s more, Lynda will teach you what you need to know about these careers through a variety of media, including videos, digital books, and audio presentations.

You can learn at your own pace as well.

Thus, you should find the website to be beneficial no matter what your preferred learning style is, and you may discover that completing a Lynda course gives you a competitive advantage whenever you’re looking for a new job.

Work Hard, Study Hard, and Give it Time

Of course, to really learn online, you need to take the right approaches.

  • First, be sure to spend time each day for weeks or even months on end.
  • Second, take frequent notes on cards. When you write information in your own words, it often boosts your comprehension and memory, and you can flip through those cards whenever you lack Internet access.
  • Also, when you sit down for an Internet lesson, you should work in a quiet room that’s free of distractions. Instead of skimming, give all the concepts that you encounter your full attention.
  • Further, you might study material with a partner. You and that other person will no doubt motivate one another, and you can compose quizzes for each other. Websites like Quizlet and Quia make the process of writing quizzes easy.

Sharing the Love

Finally, when you learn something, consider sharing that information online by creating your own slideshow or video.

After all, the Internet depends on user-generated content, and others will surely profit from your knowledge and your unique way of explaining things.

After all, people want to learn from great leaders like you!


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