Leading a New Work Environment

A Look at Some of The Best Office Spaces Across the World

Whether you’re designing a brand new office building or renovating a dated, ineffective one, it’s crucial to find the right layout for you, your employees, and your business in general. This infographic designed by Avanti Systems examines several different office spaces that have been meticulously planned to be inviting, efficient, and brought up to 21st century standards.

Modernizing your workspace could mean designing an underground bunker perfect for an online gaming company. Alternately, you may want a sleek, minimalistic office that encourages employee health and wellness. Regardless, your office needs to be based on the atmosphere you want for your current and future personnel. As this infographic suggests, many organizations have found increased employee productivity while also upping their overall levels of satisfaction.


L2L Contributing Author

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  1. Sandy Geroux, M.S. on December 23, 2015 at 11:10 am

    WOW, great post, Tom! We may not all be able to go to these extremes, but there are some great ideas we can all adopt here. Thanks for posting this report on these true leaders!