A Team That Focuses on Promoting Values-Based Leadership


Meet Tom

In 2007, Tom Schulte founded Recalibrate P in Atlanta, GA. His mission was to teach people to become powerful, more effective leaders—ones that can create memorable content that is guaranteed to stick.

How Tom Started

His journey began in the leadership development space when he went to work for Dr. John C. Maxwell in 2003. He was brought in as Director of Corporate Sales. For this role, he helped develop and implement the marketing and sales strategy for the “Developing The Leader Within You” two-day leadership development corporate training workshop and the associated Train-the-Trainer program for the F-1000 market.

Tom’s passion for the topic of leadership happened immediately. He said that he was “bitten by the leadership bug” and knew that helping leaders increase their levels of effectiveness would remain in his heart forever.

Pursuing His Interests

In 2007, Tom left the organization to follow his passion of helping change the way leaders engage with their followers to make a difference in bottom-line organizational results. He felt that professionals could get improved outcomes through better working relationships if they “recalibrate” their viewpoints and behaviors.

Tom also knew that the future marketplace would need offerings that are different from the past. These should be easily digested and can work alongside the rapid pace of change in shorter, more flexible durations.

To achieve all these, Tom established Recalibrate P.


What We Do

We provide and facilitate Leadership PowerLabs™ sessions for the entire spectrum of leaders. Our short-format, values-based leadership training produces leaders that people want to follow, whether they’re new managers, mid-level supervisors, or C-suite officers.

The PowerLabs™ workshops are fit for those with the “Smartphone-Attention-Span™.” They are designed to grab every participant’s attention. In addition, the sessions are fast, fun, engaging, and extremely useful for everyone involved.

The basis for the training is a personal values-sorting exercise that each participant goes through in a series of highly calculated steps. Using this captivating approach, leaders will understand what drives them as individuals. They will also learn what drives their followers, allowing them to get much better results from their team.

| Values Drive Decisions |
| Decisions Drive Behaviors |
| Behaviors Drive Results |

Amazing Outcomes

After a workshop, participants will have a deeper understanding of the exact steps to immediately improve their personal leadership effectiveness. They will know exactly how to lead their team by using and keeping their followers’ strongest motivators in mind.


Changing the Way You See Leadership

At Recalibrate P, we turn apathy into empathy—the most powerful tool for leadership. Our workshops will be one of the most memorable experiences and “AHA! moments” that professionals will have in their entire careers.