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Become a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer™

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Our Certification Training

Is very powerful yet simple and easy to absorb. For your convenience, we offer on-demand webinar certificate training, making it faster for you to become certified.

Participating in the 65-minute online training will give you the skills to facilitate our Leadership PowerLab™ or a Leadership Lunch and Learn programs. These are an extremely powerful short-format tool that significantly increases a leader’s level of effectiveness.


What You’ll Learn

You will be trained on how to conduct our workshops. These are high-energy, short-format training sessions fit for the Smartphone-Attention-Span™. During these certification lessons, you will also learn how to easily sell the programs to past, present, and potential clients.

  1. Register now to start your journey to becoming a Recalibrate Certified Signature Trainer™.
  2. Follow the steps on the Welcome Page to access the password to the training page.
  3. Follow the steps on training on the Signature Trainer Portal page.
  • One-Year Online Certificate Training
  • Leadership PowerLabs™ PowerPoint Presentation
  • Leadership PowerLabs™ Facilitator Training Script
  • Webinar Notes
  • Participant Handouts (PDF File)
  • Signature Showcase™ Nameplate Template
  • Written Recalibrate Values Sorting Exercise Instructions
  • Leadership PowerLabs™ Portal for Collaboration for Tips and Tricks and Sharing Ideas
  • Volume Discounts for Recalibration Kits™
  • Custom Logo Decks at 40% Discount (Purchase of 500 Kits)
  • Free Shipping on Most Orders
  • Free Phone Consultation
  • A Limited-Time, $70-Off Coupon for First Purchase of 12 or More Recalibration Kits™ (Cards and Vinyl Showcases)
  • Facilitator Coaching – 30%
  • PowerPoint PowerLabs™ Exercise (The “How”) – 40%
  • Concepts and Psychology – 15%
  • Sales and Marketing – 10%
  • Other Uses – 5%

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