Professional Growth

Be The Hero

Improve Your Team by Developing the HERO Inside You!

Real heroes don’t really wear capes or have supernatural powers. In the real world, HERO's are simply ordinary people who choose ...
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L2L Infographic: 10 Qualities of Great Community Leaders

Infographic Courtesy of Wake Forest University's Master in Counseling
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Why Great Leaders Value Reputation Before Revenue

In 1996, I walked away from my first million-dollar client. Anyone looking at my company’s profit and loss statements would ...
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Hacking Threats

On Leadership, Threats and Operational Security

A few years ago, a small business in San Diego was hit my malicious cyber attacks over the internet that ...
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On Leadership, Communication and the Personal Touch

Digital channels like email, instant messaging, social media, and video conferencing can make communication within a business a lot easier. It ...
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Training Development

Employee Development: Who Should Take Responsibility?

Having been on both sides of the manager-employee equation, I sometimes wonder who should take responsibility of an employee’s growth ...
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Empty Suit

Imaginary Leadership (Part 2 of 2)

Many leaders may be imaginary, but the pain, problems, and privation they cause to people, productivity, and profit are all ...
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Leaders: You Do Not Need to Be Nice to Be Kind

Kindness is not softness, it is not weakness, and it doesn’t always have to be nice. In fact, sometimes kindness ...
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3 Sacrificial Ways to Conquer This Year’s Goals…or Not

Should you set any personal or professional goals this year? Why or why not? Lee shares his valuable guidance in ...
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