Leadership Lunch & Learn

Effective Leadership Training Sessions Over Lunch


Leaders come in all shapes and sizes, each with a variety of experiences and plenty of wisdom. They have different levels of skills and abilities and varying successes and failures, and they realize their roles in the motivational spectrum at distinct moments. Although they are different, all leaders share this: the ability to learn, grow, and develop other leaders.

Not all of them are dedicated to fulfilling their principal role: leading people. More often than not, managers and leaders can become task, project, or results-focused, leaving little time for personal development.

Opportunities for leadership training often require too much time. Some of these may last for many days, which leaves professionals preoccupied with checking emails and texts during the moments they are away from work. In the minds of busy leaders, the training can simply be another obstacle keeping them from their goals. They might think that the trade-off is not just worth it.

The Leadership Lunch & Learn sessions conducted by certified Recalibrate Signature Trainers™ solve the time problem. Every meeting is done a very short period, typically lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

After every session, every participant in the program will be leaving with the most powerful, eye-opening, and transformational leadership insights. They will also have a detailed plan to become more influential as they step back into the office.

In each session, everyone has to sort through a deck of high-quality values cards to determine their top six personal values. Since they will be talking about themselves, each participant will surely be very engaged in the activity.

The exercise will also allow leaders to assess themselves in a more objective and critical manner, allowing for a more powerful transformation in their beliefs and practices.

Because of the personal values sorting/prioritization exercise, a Leadership Lunch & Learn is suited to go along with other messages you need to include as a facilitator. People will always pay attention when the subject is themselves. Therefore, this rare opportunity of an open-minded, ready-to-learn setting will allow your additional content to be consumed, absorbed, and digested easily—perhaps even more than their lunch.

In addition, the content is designed to be flexible. It can be finished in as quickly as 15 minutes or up to any length you need. This is guaranteed! We will give your money back otherwise.


For every Leadership Lunch & Learn, we need a minimum of six attendees. Each person will have to pay an amount ranging from $25 to $50. You will bring lunch and we will bring the lessons, so we will not provide food, drinks, or accommodation.


If no Recalibrate Signature Trainer™ is in your area, ask us how you can do the programs yourself. We’ll train you at no cost.

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