Authentic Leadership

A Leader and a List Lover

As human beings, we all have natural strengths, and we all have areas where we lack in skill. And most ...
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Hey Leader: Whose Expectations Are You Trying to Meet?

Sometimes, a question can strike you with such clarity that it remains with you for life. The following question was posed ...
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At a Loss With the Boss

One of the toughest adjustments new managers have to make is managing their transition from specialist or expert operator to ...
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On Leadership, Reality and Monday Morning Quarterbacking

DATELINE: FEBRUARY 3, 2013 | ATLANTA, GEORGIA USA | SUPER BOWL SUNDAY So, it's the day of the big game! ...
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Hey Leaders: Are You Anti-Fragile?

I am just in the beginning pages of a book that I know I will find to be fascinating, Anti-Fragile: ...
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On Leaders and Accountability (Part 3): Cheating Scandal at Harvard and Clarifying Expectations

The Feb 1, 2013 revelation that more than half of the participants in the “Government 1310: ‘Introduction to Congress’” class at ...
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Leadership Guidance: As Parents and Mentors

Leadership points to ponder for teenagers are just as relevant to adults, especially new leaders, viewed via a father's letter ...
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Middle School Leadership Lesson: I TOLD YOU SO!

Wisdom not heeded is wasted. Often times we seek advice or "wisdom" from others, but we don't take that advice ...
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Hey Leader: You Are A Role Model

The media had generally ignored the personal lives of athletes up until the 1990’s. This is when athletes began having ...
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