Who or what motivates you to do or pursue the things you want and/or need in life? And if you’re not motivated, why?


This is a question I ask myself and my students constantly. The answers I receive are often surprising. Some say that they’re motivated by coffee, others music, and so on. For me, a good mentor is a good motivator. This is someone who understands roadblocks and other little things that get in the way of natural progress and growth, yet who works well with these impediments. A good motivator is often someone who has seen enough difficulties to understand how to overcome them and work within those boundaries.

One of my greatest motivators is Tony Robbins. I listen to, read, or watch him whenever I can. I’ve yet to take one of his seminars, but when I can, I will, because I know I’ll obtain even more necessary tools to stay motivated.

Journaling is another thing that keeps me motivated. It helps to write down my goals and aspirations as well as inspirations. And, I find that having something to look forward to is another great motivator. The anticipation of planning an event, a goal, or even trying something new is often enough to get me going.

Music helps, too. Different moods require different kinds of music, and I often find that depending on my mood, I will often want to listen to a specific type of music to either fire me up, calm me down, or intensify whatever mood I’m in. For example, when I’m at the gym, my music choices for that particular workout will usually vary depending on my energy level, which is rarely consistent.

Are you motivated? If not, why?

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  1. jill cooper on January 2, 2009 at 4:24 am

    Being a mum motivates me – to enjoy life, to earn enough to give them a good life, to pay the bills, to get the work-life balance right, to achieve, to be a role model, to have fun . . . . . . I could go on. I also know that I have personal motivators – self-development, achievement, success, supporting others, friendships, people – listening to them, seeing them, learning from them, . . . . And for me I think my biggest motivator today is having the right work-life balance.